Inox Sliding Shower Enclosure Jog

Inox Sliding Shower Enclosure Jog


Stainless Steel shower enclosure, recessed installation

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  • 128/130
  • 138/140
  • 148/150
  • 158/160
  • 168/170
  • 178/180
  • Satin Glass Polished Inox Profile
  • Satin Glass Satin Inox Profile
  • Transparent Glass Polished Inox
  • Transparent Glass Satin Inox
  • Floor-Wire-Installation
  • Shower-Tray-Installation
Estimated delivery: Lead time of the shower enclosures vary according to the size and type of glass and can take from 5 to 15 working days.
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Stailess Steel shower enclosure, recessed installation. 1 fixed door and 1 sliding door.
• Glass thickness 8 mm
• Height 200 cm
• Extendibility 2 cm
• Easily accessed
• Sliding system with sphere shaped buffers on the higher rail
The shower walls are tested and certified for the duration of the door opening, according to EN 14428

To order the shower box correctly, take the measurements once the coverings have been laid.
• SIZE: indicate the measure taking into consideration the range of extensibility that allows you to adapt the walls of the box.
• COLOR: indicate the profile / glass combination you want
• INSTALLATION: indicate where the corner of the wall is and if the shower tray is flush with the floor.

• LED chromotherapy
• Coloured Glass
• Sandblasteed Decoration
• Printed Glasses
In the case of special measures, it is possible to request our operators directly by e-mail.
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