Floor Drain with a Blue Murrina Glass

Floor Drain with a Blue Murrina Glass


>$< 189.00

150x150mm TILE HOLDER floor drain with a BLUE Murrina glass insert, TOP VALVE and base. 40mm side outlet. AISI 304.

150x150mm TILE HOLDER floor drain. It is stylish and functional and it's TOP VALVE system prevents unpleasant odours and water backflow. The insert in Murrina glass is custom made by skilled glaziers in Veneto. An explosion of colours will make your shower one of a kind, like all Made in Italy products. Easily inspected 150x150mm TILE HOLDER drain with a TOP VALVE system and an adjustable 40mm side outlet. AISI 304. Attach the ABS drain to the drainage pipes, level off the area with a slight bevel, lay down a waterproof membrane, put the TILE HOLDER floor drain on the drain and lay down the tiles.
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>$< 189.00
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