Floor Drain with Pressure Grates

Floor Drain with Pressure Grates


>$< 39.00

2 150x150mm floor drains with pressure grates, TOP VALVE and SLIMKIT. 40mm side outlet. AISI 304.

This 100x100mm floor drain is easily inspected. It is stylish and functional and it's TOP VALVE system prevents unpleasant odours and water backflow. In addition to this our SLIMKIT system guarantees no damage will be made to drainage pipes during installation and allows you to change the floor drain without damaging the floor. Available with an adjustable 40 mm side outlet. AISI 304. Attach the SLIMKIT to the drainage pipes ,level off the area with a slight bevel, lay down a waterproofing membrane and lay the floor tiles. Once the tiles are set, remove the ABS cover and insert the floor drain.
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>$< 39.00
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