White Marble Shower Tray

White Marble Shower Tray


Shower tray with white marble effect. Composed of resins and mineral mixtures

>$< 562.00IVA inclusa 22%

  • 100X100
  • 100X70
  • 100X80
  • 100X90
  • 120X100
  • 120X70
  • 120X80
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  • 140X100
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  • 80X80
  • 90X90
  • White Marble
Estimated delivery: Production process depends on the size of the item required, it can take from 5 to 15 working days.
IVA agevolata
• Antibacterial
• Skidproof (Class 3)
• Next generation drain plug (Geberit)
• Installation
On the floor
Flush to Floor
• Easy to Clean
The product has been constructed with materials that allow for quick cleaning and hinder any bacteria deposits on the surface. Use specific products available on the market for cleaning. Use a soft cloth for all cleaning, never use abrasive wipes. Do not clean with alcohol, acids, nail polish or paint remover or other aggressive detergents. Do not use calcium oxide or hair dye, given the high concentration of methylene. The characteristics of resistance to the various products are listed in the catalogue table.

The decorations are printed digitally on the shower tray. With this system the shower tray is aesthetically original and, from the practical point of view, increases the level of non-slip surface. The shower trays of the Forma Decor line can not be cut to size on site during installation, so if necessary, the product must be adjusted in the company with appropriate technologies.
Data Sheet
Data Sheet
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