Steam Generator

Steam Generator


>$< 5103.00

The simplest, fastest and most effective answer to the desire for a Turkish bath that fits perfectly in your home bathroom.

It is only 3.8 cm thick, does not need to be built-in into the wall and requires hot water/cold water and electrical connections placed above the shower, where the steam generator is also housed. Water and steam are supplied inside the cabin directly from the pipes located inside the column itself. Available in the ON/OFF version that combines the shower column with the steam generator for steam baths, to be placed above the roof of the shower enclosure, a simple on/off control for switching the generator on/off. Construction material polished stainless steel
  • 100X80
  • 120X100
  • 120X80
  • 140X100
  • 140X80
  • 140X90
  • Right-Knocker
  • Left-Knocker
  • Right-Pivoting
  • Left-Pivoting
  • Right-Sliding
  • Left-Sliding
>$< 5103.00
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