Talia Sauna

Talia Sauna


>$< 8209.00

Sauna entirely made of spruce wood.

The sauna is made entirely of spruce wood. The interior lighting creates a particular ray effect thanks to a lamp that diffuses light on the wooden cladding boards. A spruce wood bench completes the furnishing. The handle, which is also made of wood, is integrated along the entire length of the door, thus offering a firm grip while at the same time providing a natural decoration. The glass door is essential to the comfort of the room. The Stopsol finish guarantees the best conditions with an excellent view from the inside and a partially obscured view from the outside.
  • 120X127
  • 120X92
  • 160X127
  • 200X142
  • 250X192
  • 300X192
  • Abete
  • Right-corner
  • Left-corner
  • Right-Niche
  • Left-Niche
  • Right-Wall
  • Left-Wall
>$< 8209.00
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